Swad Digestive Drops (500 Candies Jar)

Swad Digestive Drops (500 Candies Jar)

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Swad Digestive Drops is a delicious & tingling candy that's fun to have at any time of the day. And what's more, itis a great treat to your stomach too ! Swad  is a product that is universally relished by all people of all ages.Swad's khatta meetha taste is the best wayto enjoy while staying healthy.

SWAD, an ayurveda-based candy, is purely made of herbal ingredients which give it a unique blend of taste & health. Swad Digestive Drops comes in convenient pillow packs & Swad is the perfect way to complete your daily meal. Over the years Swad has been a proud product of PANJON Ltd. & enjoys a tremendous place in every indian’s heart.Swad vividly enjoys the status of a pioneer in digestive candy segment. The success of this product is itself an example for the marketing gurus to study.Living its most popular slogan-“Chahe Jitna Bhi Khao ,Swad Se Pachao ”,from grandfathers to grandchildren Swad is a family’s favourite candy.  So, Eat with Taste & Let Swad digest !

Package Size: 300 candies 

Best before: 2 years from mfg.

So, "Chahe Jitna Bhi Khao,Swad Se Pachao, Swad....Swad....Swad...." 

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