Swad Chatpati Drops (500 Candies Jar)

Swad Chatpati Drops (500 Candies Jar)


Swad presents its next mouth watering preparation –Swad Chatpati. Swad Chatpati is power packed with digestive & ayurvedic ingredients which give it an unmatched taste.Swad brings its all new sweet &  sour cousin withTom & Imli flavour. Swad Chatpati is fun to have with kids & friends.And what's more, it keeps your digestion toned up ! 

It's a great way to enjoy while staying healthy ! PANJON’s range of Digestives are the perfect way to complete your daily meal.Backed by the brand name of Swad, this product offers a different variety for those taste changers whose taste buds always wish to try newer things. So, Get ready to get your mouth flavoured with the goodness of Swad Chatpati’s khatta meetha taste.

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