Swad Pachak’s premium range of digestives has tingling taste & is made by mixing the right amounts of condiments, spices & handpicked fruits. Swad Pachak stimulates the digestive enzymes and acts as an appetizer. It strengthens the digestive process and also promotes absorption of nutrients to cure stomach disorders like acidity, gas and indigestion. Swad Pachak’s handpicked ingredients boost your immune system to keep you charged up all day. Swad Pachak range includes Shahi Anardana, Special Jeera Goli, Anar Amla, Khatta Meetha Khajoor, Ram Ladoo, Khatta Meetha Aam, Hing Peda, Meetha Amla, Chatpata Amla, Chulbuli Imli & many more....

Swad ‘SHAHI ANARDANA’ Pachak is rich in antioxidants & beneficial in the cure of acidity, gas and indigestion. Swad Anardana Goli promotes good bowel movement and prevents nutrition loss. Pachak goli is a good remedy for nausea due to motion sickness too. It activates the secretion of digestive juices in right proportion thus increases appetite. Regular intake of the pachak controls cholesterol and blood sugar levels. 

Key Ingredients: Punica granatum- Anar dry, Samudra Lavan , Kala Lavan, Sendha Lavan, Kali Marich, Choti Pipal, Saunf, Dhaniya, Gira, Dalchini, Badi Elaichi, Chini, Neembu Sat-Citric acid

Weight: 100 gram + 10 gram FREE

Expiry: 18 months from manufacturing

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